Nr.Titel alphabetischInterpret
2Allright nowFree
3Angel of LoveSkyline
4Another  day in paradisePhil Collins
5Another brick in the wallPink Floyd
6Black nightDeep Purple
7Born to be wildSteppenwolf
8Breakfast in AmericaSupertramp
9Broken wingsMr. Mister
10CocaineEric Clapton
11Cold as iceForeigner
12Davy’s on the road again Mannfred Mann
13Don´t StopFleetwood Mac
14Don’t stop believinJourney
15Don’t you forget about meSimple Minds
16Every breath you takeSting
17Eye in the skyAlan Parson Project
18Eye of the tigerSurvivor
19Final countdownEurope
20Georgy PorgyToto
21Gimme all your lovin`ZZ Top
22Happy AnniverseryLittle River Band
23Heart of Rock and RollHuey Lewis
24Here I go again (Live)Whitesnake
25Highway to hellAC/DC
26Hold the LineToto
27Hotel CaliforniaEagles
28I shot the sheriffEric Clapton
29Is this LoveWhitesnake
30JumpVan Halen
31Kashmir Led Zeppelin
32Knocking on heavens doorGuns `n`roses
33La GrangeZZ Top
34Let`s danceDavid Bowie
35Listen to the musicDoobie Brothers
36Little wingErrorhead
37Logical songSupertramp
38Lonesome LooserLittle River Band
39Long train runningDoobie Brothers
40Mit 18Westernhagen
41Mit Pfefferminz bin ich …Westernhagen
42Night OwlsLittle River Band
43One of these nightsEagles
44Open armsJourney
45Power of LoveHuey Lewis
46PrideU 2
47Radar LoveGolden Earing
48Ride like the windC. Cross
49Riders on the stormDoors
50Rock you like a hurricaneScorpions
52Run to youBryan Adams
55Sharp dressedZZ Top
56Shine on you crazy diamondPink Floyd
57ShoutTears for fears
58Sloe ginJoe Bonnamassa
59Smoke on the waterDeep Purple
60SomebodyBryan Adams
61Stairway to heavenLed Zeppelin
62Still got the BluesGary Moore
63Still loving youScorpions
64Summer of 69Bryan Adams
65Sweet home AlabamaLynard Skynyrd
66Take a long way homeSupertramp
67Talk to your daughterRoben Ford
69Verdamp lang herBAP
70White_WeddingBilly Idol
71Who`s crying nowJourney
72Whole lotta loveLed Zeppelin
73Whole lotta RosieAC/DC
Nr.Titel nach InterpretInterpret
1Highway to hellAC/DC
2Whole lotta RosieAC/DC
3Eye in the skyAlan Parson Project
4Verdamp lang herBAP
5White_WeddingBilly Idol
6Run to youBryan Adams
7SomebodyBryan Adams
8Summer of 69Bryan Adams
9Ride like the windC. Cross
10Let`s danceDavid Bowie
11Black nightDeep Purple
12Smoke on the waterDeep Purple
13Listen to the musicDoobie Brothers
14Long train runningDoobie Brothers
15Riders on the stormDoors
16Hotel CaliforniaEagles
17One of these nightsEagles
18CocaineEric Clapton
19I shot the sheriffEric Clapton
20Little wingErrorhead
21Final countdownEurope
22Don´t StopFleetwood Mac
23Cold as iceForeigner
25Allright nowFree
26Still got the BluesGary Moore
27Radar LoveGolden Earing
28Knocking on heavens doorGuns `n`roses
29Heart of Rock and RollHuey Lewis
30Power of LoveHuey Lewis
31Sloe ginJoe Bonnamassa
32Don’t stop believinJourney
33Open armsJourney
34Who`s crying nowJourney
35Kashmir Led Zeppelin
36Stairway to heavenLed Zeppelin
37Whole lotta loveLed Zeppelin
38Happy AnniverseryLittle River Band
39Lonesome LooserLittle River Band
40Night OwlsLittle River Band
41Sweet home AlabamaLynard Skynyrd
42Davy’s on the road again Mannfred Mann
43Broken wingsMr. Mister
44Another  day in paradisePhil Collins
45Another brick in the wallPink Floyd
46Shine on you crazy diamondPink Floyd
47Talk to your daughterRoben Ford
48Rock you like a hurricaneScorpions
49Still loving youScorpions
50Don’t you forget about meSimple Minds
51Angel of LoveSkyline
52Born to be wildSteppenwolf
53Every breath you takeSting
54Breakfast in AmericaSupertramp
55Logical songSupertramp
57Take a long way homeSupertramp
58Eye of the tigerSurvivor
59ShoutTears for fears
61Georgy PorgyToto
62Hold the LineToto
64PrideU 2
65JumpVan Halen
66Mit 18Westernhagen
67Mit Pfefferminz bin ich …Westernhagen
69Here I go again (Live)Whitesnake
70Is this LoveWhitesnake
71Gimme all your lovin`ZZ Top
72La GrangeZZ Top
73Sharp dressedZZ Top